Field Evolution
Our fleet installation services enable your fleet managers and administrators to solve unique business challenges, increase operational efficiency, reduce costs, and more.  

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About Us

With over 45 years of industry experience, we know how to deliver results.

Our Mission

Our goal is to help evolve the way our clients do business by ensuring the job is done right, all projects are completed on-time & on-budget, and all interactions are handled in a professional manner.
Field Evolution Inc wants our customer's work done right and followed to completion, regardless of the type of job. We want to evolve our customer's by being a better partner. This is done through a better understanding of their business, removing pain points, addressing issues head on and resolving them. We will set proper expectations and work to exceed them. 

We are evolving the field by bringing together similarly minded partner's with positive attitudes, looking for long term relationships that perform with a higher quality of professionalism. Combining our mission with our core values helps our customer achieve satisfaction upon completion of an assignment.

Field Evolution Leadership

With over 45 years in the telematics industry working businesses and fleets of all sizes our leadership team is focused on helping our clients lead the evolution that is taking place in the fleet management and telematics industry.
Field Evolution - Morgan Bemco

Morgan Bemko - CEO

Morgan has over 17 years experience in the telematics industry.  Throughout his career he has been recognized as a visionary leader that has consistently pushed the industry to evolve.

Morgan's experience ranges from working in the field, building high quality networks of subcontractors, to playing a key role in the start of what became Fleetmatics.  He has taken all of these experiences and his observations of how the telematics industry needs to evolve and created Field Evolution Inc.
Field Evolution - Sheldon Lambert - COO

Sheldon Lambert - COO

For over 32 years, Sheldon has worked for various large businesses and a variety of low voltage businesses as well as starting one of the best rated nationwide telematics installation business. 

Sheldon continues to leverage his experience and operational know how based on the belief that if you take care of your customers, they take care of you.

Mitch - CTO

Mitch brings 25 years of experience servicing 12 volt equipment in government and private sector.
As CTO his primary mission is customer satisfaction, completion of projects, quality over quantity, and maintaining our core values.

Mitch has operated an upper tier telematic service and training operation that has trained expert technicians, and eliminated many of the pain points customers encounter.