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Project Management

Successful projects are determined at the beginning not at the time of installation.

Project Management, Evolved

Professional project management is critical to ensure successful technology deployment and one of the reasons that many providers fail to meet their client's expectations.

Our project management process is assigned to experienced, proven project managers that provide feedback throughout the process from the earliest planning stages to the completion of the deployment.
Dedicated Project Manager
Expert advice / input throughout the process
Flexible options (full management or support)
Project management for any size project
Nationwide project management available

Project Management Options

Our project management options are aligned to the needs of our clients.  If you need an expert team to manage the full process from planning to implementation or have the resources to manage some aspects of the process we offer dedicated project support.

Full Service Project Management

Many companies do not have the team or the hours available to successfully manage their project(s). For these companies we offer our "Full Service" project management option.

As part of our process, our professional team will gather all of the details of the project, develop the deployment plan, handle all coordination and scheduling, and ensure our technicians complete the work in record time and with the highest level of professionalism.

Project Support

Companies that have a team dedicated to their project usually just need some assistance handling some of the loose ends to ensure the project is completed successfully.

For these companies we offer professional project management support. This process usually includes handling scheduling, dispatching of our technicians, and post project follow up to ensure a successful completion and the highest level of customer satisfaction.

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