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Our fleet installation services enable your fleet managers and administrators to solve unique business challenges, increase operational efficiency, reduce costs, and more.  

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The Evolution of Fleet Telematics Installation

The Leading Fleet Telematics Installation in Rockdale, Kentucky

Work with the leaders at fleet vehicle installations of telematics devices, GPS systems, cameras, and other vehicle connectivity solutions.

Who We Are

Field Evolution was founded to evolve the fleet telematics industry and bring it into the modern age.  Our team have 45+ years of experience in the telematics industry to build strategic business and professional relationships that are based on a doing the job right, focusing on the future, and ensuring that we all evolve the industry together.

Field Evolution Powers Business in Kentucky

Organizations that are not evolving are done for! Through professional planning, understanding of our client's businesses, and our technical expertise, we help fleets of any size and complexity solve critical challenges and leverage opportunities today and well into the future. Evolve with us.

GPS Tracking

Fleet management systems allow fleets to improve efficiency, reduce cost and minimize the time required to manage their fleets.
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Protect against fraud, improve driver accident rates and behavior, and save time and money associated with insurance claims processing due to false accusations.
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360° Cameras and Sonar

Give your drivers an extra set of eyes while reducing accidents, increase awareness of obstacles by installing a backup camera, 360˚camera system, and blind spot system.
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ELD Systems

ELD is an electronic solution that enables professional truck drivers and commercial motor carriers to easily track Hours of Service (HOS) compliance.
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Trailer / Temperature Monitoring

Trailer & Temperature tracking solutions offer many benefits including: real-time visibility into operations, trailer utilization, and protection from intruders or issues with trailer temperature.
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Mobile Internet & Communications

Mobile communications have evolved from proprietary tracking and messaging devices to what are essentially full-fledged computing systems.  We will install any connectivity devices to enable your vehicles to become mobile offices.
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